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Global Coverage

Traffic from all over the world: US, Europe, Asia, Latin America. Worldwide.

Millions of clicks

(calculating) clicks so far this month. More than 1 billion clicks/month.

Exact Targeting

Target by country, keyword, carrier and device. Our traffic is brand safe.

Desktop & Mobile

Choose between desktop and mobile traffic. Target mobile and tablet users via OS and carrier.

Detailed Reporting

Instant reporting for clicks and costs. Monthly and daily. No delay!


CPV/Zero-Click (PPR) is the best performing traffic source*. Your website get’s the full attention of every single visitor.

Total Control

Pay only what you get with Cost-Per-Click (CPC) billing. Keep control with daily budgets. Instant and safe deposit via PayPal.

Quality Traffic

Our traffic comes from parked domains and search engines. Our quality filter ensure you only receive high quality traffic.

Best Value

Targeted traffic from $0.002 per click!


Target your visitors by keywords or target broad by using Run–On–Network.

What we do:

We are a text ad and zero click advertising network that gives you direct access to more than 1 billion unique visitors a month from our high converting direct navigation traffic. Traffic starts at $0.002 per unique visitor and we offer full geo-targeting, mobile targeting (including device- and carrier targeting) as well as keyword bidding in a 100% self service interface.

What is domain/direct navigation traffic?

Direct navigation is the method of navigating to a website by typing the URL directly into the address bar of the web browser, rather than using a search engine, directory or other referral source. This is also referred to as type-in traffic.

What about conversion?

Best performing traffic source
According to a study conducted by StatMarket, Direct Navigation is the highest performing traffic source. In this study, its conversion-to-sale rate was 4.23% compared to 2.3% for Search Engines and less than 1% for link traffic.

If you are an affiliate, a brand or an agency this traffic is great for you. Why? Read below.

You might be an affiliate looking for more conversions, then you have come to the right place.
DNTX offers many targeting options that will help you get a revenue making campaign. Target mobile or desktop on country level or be more specific with keywords.

If you are an agency this traffic is a great addition to your SEA efforts for your clients.
DNTX’s traffic boosts clicks and drives conversions for less dollars than any other traffic sources. The speciality is that this is not display but high quality domain traffic.

You are a brand and want more exposure for your products.
With DNTX you can get much more attention by sending the users directly to one of your great landing pages. You get thousands of clicks a day - generate leads, email addresses, real sales. What would you do with thousands of clicks every day – be creative!

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How does DNTX work?

What else do I need to know about DNTX?

Targeted traffic from $ 0.002 per click

No matter if you want to go local or international, mobile or desktop, you have complete control. We support hundreds of countries, target by carrier and have the right traffic for you at the right price.


Go niche by targeting keywords or go big by using Run-On-Network.

Sophisticated Fraud Protection

Premium traffic leads to premium advertisers. We thus take traffic quality very seriously and filter for bot traffic, suspicious IP addresses, duplicate clicks and much more.

State of the art reporting

We understand that detailed reporting is very important for running profitable campaigns. Therefore, our system allows you to drill down from campaign to country to keyword to carrier. Eliminate nonperforming traffic sources and keywords at any time.

Brand-safe traffic

A lot of our customers run campaigns for big brands and need the ability to exclude adult related traffic from their campaigns to make them brand-safe. We therefore let you categorize your campaigns as Adult/Non-Adult.

Sign up as a DNTX advertiser and get direct access to our 1 billion click big global traffic inventory through the DNTX interface.
No Sign up fee, no minimum uploads, no support fees.
You just pay for the traffic that you get.

How to get started?

Get your first campaign up and running in 3 minutes

  1. Campaign Settings
    Determine campaign type, ad type and device targeting.
  2. Targeting Settings
    Lets you target by geo and carrier.
  3. Bid Settings
    Set your bid for every keyword and targeting option.